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This year Earth Day falls on April 22nd. It's a special occasion to celebrate the environment and reflect on the impact each of us has on the planet!

La Robottega offers all our followers who do not yet have a Robottino, the opportunity to participate in this day with a contest that will allow you to win one! 

From the16/4 to 19/4/2022in our stories you will find a Robot connected to an environmental problem, to participate you will have to record a single short 60 sec video where you show what you can do every day to reduce your environmental impact in those categories.

The video must be sent by 18.00 on 20/4/22 to our mail:


Take the opportunity and participate too! 

Inspire with a change 🌱⚙️❤️

Each of us has a heart robot! this contest is for all the dreamers who have already found it and made it guardian of their emotions! 

Sharing a snapshot of how and where our little robot keeps you company symbolizes for us a connection with our community, the idea of contexts instead, a constant challenge that allows us to achieve our eco-sustainable goals together! 🌱❤️⚙️

Deadline: April 5, 2022

Prize: a Robottino Small of your choice from our Store

The winner of our contest isAntonella  Aquilino 

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